Boost Your Bottom Line, Expand Your Reach, Build Relationships

One approach does not fit all companies when managing customer relationships. La Costa Marketing offers services that give our clients the advantage of using the best sales and marketing consultants to improve their marketing strategy.

Direct Marketing

Attracting new clients and generating additional business with existing clients is just one of the many proven benefits of direct marketing.  The programs offered by La Costa Marketing establish direct communication with your clients, and through a required call to action spark interest leading to higher conversion rates. 

Internet Marketing

Whether your business is in California, Kansas, or Costa Rica its most important location is likely online.   A well designed, and easy to use website pays dividends as it reduces customer service costs and offers the convenience of a business that never closes.  As your online marketing partner we are able to design and develop your website, and tailor campaigns to build robust traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social networking has made tremendous strides in recent years as a way to effectively communicate with customers and prospects. With tools such as blogs, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and many others it may be difficult to appropriately manage them all. We can help you develop a strategy to use the appropriate social networking tools to gain a better understanding of what your customers are thinking and have a new medium to target prospects.